In Memoriam

Miner statue at night with soft green lighting

Annual Campus Memorial Service Video

This service is an annual tradition and virtual Memorial Service to remember and honor enrolled students, and employed staff and faculty, whom we have lost within the UNC Charlotte community.

UNC Charlotte Annual Memorial Service 2022 – 2023 on Vimeo.

In Memoriam of Forever Niners

Student | Majors

No current students

Angel Ayala, Graduate Certificate in Teaching, Spanish
Kendall Bost, Graduate Certificate in Teaching, Middle Grades Social Studies, Graduate School
Yousef Al Hanbali, Computer Engineering, College of Engineering

Cole Andress, Meta-Major
Patrick Harding, Political Science
Simon Hart, Mechanical Engineering
Julia Ruth Iglehart, English
Byoung Chul Lee, Accounting

Caden P. Anspach, Pre-Business
Jacob Castor, Computer Science
Eivan Cuarteros, Mechanical Engineering
Rita De Labra Saucedo, Biology
Barbara Finney, English
Martin “Marty” D. Fitzgibbons, Education
Allen “AJ” Jorsey III, Mechanical Engineering
Christopher D. McDonald, Computer Science
Genesis Reynoso, Social Work
Stevie D. Sweeney, Pre-Business
Raysheena C. Tuck, Pre-Child & Family Development

Nicholas Ambrosio, English
Hunter Awtrey, Business
Angelo Buliro, Business
Troy Colalillo, Computer Science
Jacob Dumas, University College
Cameron Gates Miller, University College
Jessica Ngo, University College
Justis Quintos, Theatre
Melanie Saesee, Pre-Public Health
Marissa Styron, Philosophy
Ayet Syed, Art & Architecture
Ruth Dereje Zewedu, Pre-Nursing

Riley Carl Howell, Environmental Studies
Aleksi I. Kinnunen, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Roman A. Manuel, Fire Safety Engineering Technology
Ellis Reed Parlier, University College
Parth Patel, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Vivek Pathipati, Computer Science
Richard Alex Swaney, University College
Taylor N. Thurman, English

Christopher Bowins, Social Work
Joel David Laws, Electrical Engineering
Jesseca Maloney, Social Work
Gregory A. Richardson, Biology
Polly M. Rogers, Pre-Special Education
Amber Scott, Sociology
Jennifer Utz Howlett, Psychology

Geoffrey Dawkins, Pre-Criminal Justice
Andrew S. Denbow, Mechanical Engineering
Justin Alexander Elrod, Pre-Business
Naesza D’sean Fewell, Pre-Business Administration
Md Imtiaz Ikram, Mechanical Engineering
Gavin Littleton, University College
Brittani Martin, Pre-Communication Studies
Brent Alan Powers, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Vishnu Prasath Ramakrishnan, Mechanical Engineering
Eric Theriot, Computer Science
Richard Lee Thomas, Business Administration
Pracheta Dutta Tumpa, Mechanical Engineering

Adreese Ahmadi, Finance
Maath Abdulraham Alawad, Fire Safety Engineering Technology
Ajeesh Suresh Babu, Mechanical Engineering
Jared Borns, Organizational Science
John (Jack) M. Bretz, Finance
Corey Flynt, Management
Jose Fabian Solano Garita, Mechanical Engineering
Laura K. Lisk, Communication Studies
Luke J. Sears, Computer Sears
Fredrick Olen Weaver, Biology
Dana M. Wilson, Health Professions Exploration
Todd Allen Wilson, Nursing

Dennis (Tighe) Chalk, Political AND Mathematics
Sara A. Endres, English
Joseph Fry, Pre-Business Administration
Austin Rainey, Pre-Kinesiology

Cameron Abatiell, Philosophy
Joshua Buck, Anthropology
Andrew Caggiano, University College
Tonya E. Carson, Educational Leadership
Johnathan Cureton, Pre-Biology
Eric Fleischhacker, Pre-Criminal Justice
Jaheir Ford, Computer Science
Brett Gilmartin, Physics
Donald McDowell, Religious Studies
James Patterson, Pre-Kinesiology
Bryan Carrington Pritchett, Psychology
Justin M. Russell, Pre-Biology
Clifton J. Tucker, History
Robert Wylie, Mechanical Engineering

Timothy Dezern, Computer Science
Noelle N. Dixon, Psychology
Joshua Helm, Pre-Kinesiology
Hong Gun Kim, Pre-Business Administration
Miguel Angel Osuna Orozco, Business Administration
Murra Rahbah, English
Anthony M. Ramsey, Accounting
Jared Ross Reynolds, Finance
Kyle T. Stewart, Computer Stewart
Justin (Kaitlin) Tartt, Mechanical Engineering
Emily L. Upton, Nursing
Joseph Urquhart, University College

Johnnie Lynn Casey, Jr., Sociology
Alexander Rhett Chamberlain, Economics
Louis Frierson, Computer Science
Mariyah Hargrove, Management
Thomas Harris, University College
Megan Holohan, Pre-Criminal Justice
Anneliese McCain, Public Health
Cameron Shelton, Finance
Jordan Slusher, Psychology and Religious Studies
Shannon Smith, Psychology
Eric Spanjer, Computer Science
Timothy D. Stanley, Computer Science
Amber Willis, Instructional Systems Technology

Steven T. Casseday, Pre-Business Administration
Jamara Edgerton, Pre-Communication Studies
Laura Irene Lane, Psychology
Ashley Lutz, Nursing
Morgan Lawson Maness, University College
Michael C. Moore, Earth Sciences
Joshua L. Zimmerman, Mechanical Engineering Technology

Hannah J. Dickinson, Software & Information Systems
Troy A. Kennedy, History
Jeffrey Thompson, Accounting
Hiram L. Watkins, Economics
Huiyin Xue, Accounting

Brandon W. Edwards, Political Science
Sean C. “Chris” Hussey, Jr., University College
Dustin V. Mapes, Finance
Stephane Petit, Computer Science
Christopher Michael Rogers, Political Science
David Sherrill, Pre-Communication Studies
Sean R. Williams, Fire Safety Engineering Technology