Death of a Student

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When a UNC Charlotte Student Passes Away

The death of a student can have a significant impact on the Niner Nation community. UNC Charlotte is committed to responding with care and compassion for the student and their family, as well as caring for the friends, faculty, and staff who may be affected by the passing of a student.

This website provides information, operational guidelines, and resources regarding the death of a student who is either a currently enrolled or is a former student of UNC Charlotte. Information regarding academic policies for awarding a Posthumous Degree or Degree in Memoriam are included. In addition, the most recent annual Campus Memorial Service video is provided to honor those whom we have lost in the last academic year.

Any individual who learns of the death of a current or former student can utilize the referral form below or contact the Dean of Students Office at 704-687-0345 or

The role of the Dean of Students Office is to serve as the primary point of contact and resource for family members who experience the death of a student. When made aware of the passing of a student, the Dean or designee will:

  • Inform university Business Offices, including the Registrar and Student Accounts, to remove the student from courses (as applicable) and cease all billing;
  • Inform academic faculty and advisors as well as provide support outreach to roommates or other impacted university community members;
  • Communicate with the family of the deceased student and coordinate information related to retrieval of personal belongings, requirements related to financial aid, awarding of a posthumous or in memoriam degree; and
  • Assist the family with navigating desires for financial or physical memorials for their loved one.

In addition, the Dean of Students Office can assist university community members who wish to coordinate an individual memorial event on campus outside of the university’s Annual Memorial Service ceremony.

Campus Notification

Due to the fact that each circumstance is unique, the University will manage logistics and administrative processes related to the death of a student with a primary focus on sensitivity for the privacy of the families impacted. When a death occurs on or nearby campus, UNC Charlotte may send a Niner Notice to the campus community to provide information and direct them to available resources. The decision to send a Niner Notice or University statement about the death of a student is based on several factors including:

  • confirmed notice to the family of the student;
  • permission from local law enforcement;
  • circumstance of the death;
  • time of year (University open or closed for break);
  • family request for privacy.

Media inquiries received related to the death of a student will be handled by University Communications.