Report an Incident

Submit an Incident Report

University Incident Report

Any member of the UNC Charlotte community may report an incident. Reports may be filed about policy violations, concerning behavior, or for any other reason you want the University to be aware of a situation.

The University Incident Report is directed to Student Accountability and Conflict Resolution, the Dean of Students Office, Office of Civil Rights and Title IX or to Housing & Residence Life, depending on the location. This form should be used to document alleged Code of Student Responsibility policy violations, instances of concerning behavior, or any other general incident.

Once the incident report is received, a member of Student Accountability and Conflict Resolution may contact you for follow-up if there are any questions.

Only members of the UNC Charlotte community may use this form (authentication is required using your NinerNet credentials).

Anonymous Reporting Form

In the event of an emergency or crimes or incidents involving imminent threat of harm, contact UNC Charlotte Police and Public Safety at 704-687-2200.

You will be asked to securely verify your NinerNet credentials before submitting the report. Anonymous referrals may limit the University’s ability to appropriately respond to the referral. Anonymous reports can also be submitted through Police and Public Safety’s Anonymous Crime Reporting form, or through the LiveSafe app. Additional information about LiveSafe can be found at