Program Units


Identity, Equity, and Engagement (IEE)

Creates an environment that celebrates and recognizes difference through programs, advocacy, education, and engagement within the University community. By participating in programs and events, students will learn about themselves, learn about others, and engage in social justice opportunities.

Niner Finances

Niner Finances was created to provide UNC Charlotte with the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed and sound financial decisions. Niner Finances also understands and embraces the fact that knowledge and skills alone do not guarantee financial well-being or security. Our office staff takes on an individualized approach to working with people to understand their emotions, attitudes, motivations, and lived experiences pertaining to their personal finances. By providing education, resources, coaching, and services that align knowledge with personal orientation, Niner Finances helps to ensure long-term financial security of the individuals we serve. 

Student Accountability & Conflict Resolution (SACR)

Promotes a campus community conducive to a positive learning environment through intentional efforts to foster the personal, social and ethical development of those students whose behavior is in conflict with University expectations, both in and out of the classroom. As part of their individual responsibility to the University community, all UNC Charlotte students are expected to be familiar with their rights and responsibilities as outlined in The Code of Student Responsibility, regarding behavioral violations, and The Code of Academic Integrity, regarding violations through academic coursework.

Student Assistance and Support Services (SASS)

Advocates for students experiencing a broad range of issues, concerns or challenges interfering with a student’s ability to be successful academically or personally at UNC Charlotte. SASS also provides consultation to faculty and staff needing guidance regarding a student issue or concerning student behavior, and guidance and support to parents and family members seeking help on behalf of their students.

Transition & Success Initiatives (TSI)

Connects students with their peers, campus resources, involvement opportunities, and academic initiatives through the Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR) and Week of Welcome (WOW) programs. Provides communication between the University and family members of UNC Charlotte students in order to support student success, generate goodwill for the University, and promote an appropriate role for families within the campus community. Through collaboration with a variety of departments on campus, Parent and Family Services provide resources to keep families connected to the University and equipped to support their students throughout the college experience.

Veteran Services (VSO)

Coordinates support services for military veteran students such as assistance with University administrative support, collaboration with Veterans Affairs counseling and healthcare services, veteran-friendly employment, mentoring, and planning events in honor and observance of service-men and women. In addition, the Veterans Services Office is responsible for administering and certifying veterans benefits through the Veterans Administration Office.